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He looks so strange without the mustache. 

You mean damn fine.

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Someone probably took a bite out a bar of soap for this aesthetic so let’s take a moment to thank

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how to get girls to like you:

  1. compliment their eyebrows
  2. eat them out
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DAN: When you do interviews, you’re faced with the choice to either be the most boring person on earth or just get ridiculous things written about you from time to time
JOSH HOROWITZ: Sometimes it might be good to be boring
DAN: It might be but I just get bored of myself

                                [Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (23 July 1989)]

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"natasha doesnt have a time for your shit, barton."

because the avengers and (this) post and i had no idea why i suddenly want to draw clint and natasha. ahsgfdgas.

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"In Roman community baths, it was customary for men to stand and applaud when a well-endowed peer entered the water."


why are men so weird everywhere always (x)

i just imagined this and cannot stop loling

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Coraline is a masterfully made film, an amazing piece of art that i would never ever ever show to a child oh my god are you kidding me

Nothing wrong with a good dose of sheer terror at a young age

"It was a story, I learned when people began to read it, that children experienced as an adventure, but which gave adults nightmares. It’s the strangest book I’ve written"

-Neil Gaiman on Coraline